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There are many informational articles on the Web about the best ways to lose weight. A lot of these diets are usually fad diets that don’t keep weight off permanently, a lot of these are weight loss supplements that make unrealistic promises, and a lot of these are just plain silly like coffee weight loss, food lovers diet, 1,000 calorie diet plan, and weight loss patches, just to name a few.

Why do these diets become so popular and why do people keep pulling out their credit cards to pay for these types of diets? There are two reasons: One, smart marketers know how to use advertising to take advantage of people, and two, diet products are not regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

If you really want to lose weight and keep it off, keep your credit cards in your wallet and follow these simple and easy to follow tips to lose weight and keep it off permanently. These tips have worked for me and many others. They can also work for you too if you’re serious about changing your behavior and the foods you eat:

1. Avoid sugar, white flour, processed and fast foods. If you make this one change, you’re practically guaranteed to lose weight. It’s not a coincidence that the increase in profit for companies from the production of processed and fast foods has increased along with the rates of overweight and obesity in the United States. Lots of companies are making money from inexpensive, poorly processed foods.

Here’s the research to support these claims: According to the National Bureau of Economic Research since the 1970s obesity in children and in adults has risen dramatically. Over this same time period, the number of fast food restaurants has more than doubled. Here’s the link to the article, “Do Fast Food Restaurants Contribute to Obesity?”

Companies that manufacture tasty, inexpensive and nutritionally lacking food also make a nice profit. Theses companies can afford to pay grocery stores to place their products at prime eye-level positions on the shelves and at the checkstands. If you do most of your shopping at grocery stores, stay away from the aisles and avoid looking at the candy at the checkstands. Buy most of your food from the outside departments like the produce, deli and meat departments.

2. Exercise every day for 30 minutes. This means you can relax for 23.5 hours every day. Thirty minutes of exercise every day will not only help you lose weight and keep it off, it will also help you feel better emotionally and help you reduce chronic health conditions. Watch the video “23 and 1/2 hours: What is the Single Best Thing We Can Do for our Health?” below for more information about regular exercise and the research that supports this. It’s a popular video and has over one million views on YouTube.

3. Eat a diet that consists of mostly fruits and vegetables and some whole grains. You don’t need to crazy and become a vegetarian or a vegan. All you need to do is make sure most of your diet is a whole foods natural diet like the Forks Over Knives Diet. The Forks Over Knives documentary offers compelling research for people to eat very little meat and eat mostly a whole foods diet. There is also a book you can purchase at Amazon called the Forks Over Knives Diet. If you’re serious about understanding why it’s so important to avoid processed sugar, dairy, meat, and fast food, check out the article on this site called the Forks Over Knives Diet. I watched the documentary at least five times and it helped me change my eating habits and lose weight.

4. Get motivated to become slim and healthy. I’ve written several articles on this site about how to stay motivated to eat healthfully and get and stay slim. Here are a few that are backed up by research studies:

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5. You don’t have to do anything perfectly. Sure it’s likely you’re going to have a bad day here and there. The important thing is that you make progress over time. In other words, most of your days are spent eating well and exercising. Take responsibility for your weight. Do the research. There are a lot of credible Web sites on the Internet that don’t want to sell you some fad or specious diet plan. Here are a few of the best resources on the Web for weight loss:

National Weight Control Registry

Overeaters Anonymous

American Diabetes Association

American Heart Association 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Don’t forget to always check with your doctor first before changing your diet and starting and exercise program.






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