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How to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight

Weight loss is certainly a hot topic, especially on the Internet. Everyone has an opinion about it. What diet should you follow? How often should you exercise? What supplements will help you lose weight?


Let’s be honest — Your head is likely spinning out of control with all the information out there. Quite frankly, I don’t want to add to your misery. I have one solid piece of advice that will help you head into the right direction. Well, there’s actually three, but and they’re all equally important. Continue Reading »

Weight Loss 2011

The biggest news in weight loss for 2011 has been celebrity weight loss and new data about the obesity crises in America. Continue Reading »

Lose Weight in Two Weeks

Yes, you can eat real food and still lose weight in two weeks without starving yourself or going on a juice detox diet.

Follow these 11 tips and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can shed pounds in just a few weeks:

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Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Most health experts say that if you want to lose weight, it’s necessary to do three things: change your behavior, change your diet and increase your activity level. Before you can do these things, however, it’s necessary to find the motivation to make these changes.

Here are some weight loss motivation tips that work: Continue Reading »

Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for weight loss can also lead to other health benefits like “more energy, increased immunity, anti-aging effects [and] better bone health,” says Nicole Cormier, R.D., and co-author of The Everything Juicing Book in Lauren Piscopo’s Natural Health article “Get Juiced.”

Here are some health tips to maximize your juicing weight loss and health benefits. Continue Reading »

Food Cravings Causes

Most people have experienced food cravings. According to WebMD almost 100 percent of women and nearly 70 percent of men experience cravings for particular foods. Unfortunately, many times the types of food people crave are high in calories, fat and carbohydrates.

To prevent food cravings, it’s important to better understand what causes them. Here’s what health experts say are main causes of food cravings. Continue Reading »

Reasons for Losing Weight

As you open your eyes in the morning and lift yourself out of bed, your body reminds you that it’s overweight. You look down and see the results of your eating behaviors which also remind you that today is another day you have to deal with the challenges and insecurities of being overweight–the fatigue, the reactions of people, the large clothes you have to wear. Continue Reading »

Diet Soda Weight Gain

Data from the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions show that diet soda may actually contribute to weight gain–especially around the stomach–and the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks may also possibly contribute to metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes. Here are the data the studies revealed: Continue Reading »

Perimenopause Weight Gain

Unfortunately, perimenopause is a time when many women gain extra pounds. Most women start going through perimenopause beginning at around age 45–though some may start at age 35 and some as late as 50. Shifting hormone levels are mostly to blame for perimenopause weight gain. Other perimenopause symptoms include night sweats, hot flashes, headaches and dry skin.

Rising and falling estrogen levels make perimenopausal women susceptible to fluid retention because when estrogen levels rise, women can easily gain about five pounds of water weight. In addition, the stress of hormonal fluctuations usually cause a woman’s body to secrete more cortisol, and higher cortisol levels stimulate the production of the fat-storing hormone insulin, which increases fat around the abdomen.

Here are a few things health experts say women can do to fight perimenopause weight gain: Continue Reading »

Mall Walking

Many people may not know about a fitness subculture that brings people together for exercise. Walking the mall for exercise has been around for quite a few years, and its popularity has been increasing, especially for seniors.

Exercisers find a lot of perks in mall walking. Malls are a safe, comfortable place for exercise. Most of the time, the air is cool and dry, so walkers find malls convenient for exercise, especially in areas where the weather sometimes gets uncomfortable for workouts.

Many malls have walking clubs where walkers can meet others and get perks like free medical screening procedures for blood pressure, cholesterol and body fat percentage. Some malls even offer special mall saving coupons for walkers.

To get started mall walking, here’s what you need to know: Continue Reading »

Hypothyroidism Diet

Although hypothyroidism diets exist practically everywhere, health experts say no evidence really exists that proves eating or avoiding specific foods helps improve thyroid function (MayoClinic). If you have checked with your doctor, had a blood test to check your TSH levels and have been diagnosed with an hypothyroidism also known as an underactive thyroid, the only way to improve your condition is through medication prescribed by your doctor.

However, there are many people who take thyroid medication and still have difficulty losing extra pounds. Some also wonder about the types of food they should avoid if they have hypothyroidism. Here’s what health experts say about diet and an underactive thyroid. Continue Reading »

Best Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Try these 14 best ways to lose weight without dieting that will help you easily shave off extra calories and pounds with very little effort: Continue Reading »

Best Way to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Weight gain statistics show that Americans gain an average of .4 to 1.8 pounds each year during their adult lives, says Sharon Palmer in the Environmental Health magazine article “Celebrate a Happy Holiday…Without the Weight Gain,” and research shows the holidays may be one of the most likely times people pack on the extra pounds. Continue Reading »

Thyroid Weight Gain

Thyroid weight gain is a problem for millions of people. According to Richard Shames, M.D. and Karilee Shames, Ph.D in the Share Guide article “Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled?” experts concur that one in ten Americans suffer from some form of endocrine gland condition.

Perhaps the worse part about an underactive thyroid is most people who suffer from this condition remain undiagnosed as it slowly erodes the quality and joy from their life. If you’re suffering from the following symptoms, an underactive thyroid may be to blame: Continue Reading »

Best Way to Lose Weight for Women

The best way to lose weight for women is to lose weight like men. Overall, men have more muscle, have less desire to overeat and have fewer concerns about body image compared to women. All these advantages make it a lot easier for men to drop pounds. Women–on the other hand–tend to have more fat than men, have more cravings and feel more cultural pressures about their appearance. Here are some tips to help you start losing weight like a man. Continue Reading »