Dr. Oz Says Raspberry Ketones May Be One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight

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Losing weight is not easy. For this reason, the media likes to play upon the idea that a singular ingredient discovered by science will make the entire process of weight loss as easy as taking a pill. It was not too long ago that raspberry ketones, an aromatic ingredient in raspberries and the other fruits, attracted this kind of media attention.

Dr. Oz and Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones attracted the attention of the media after Dr. Oz mentioned them on his highly popular television show. In a February, 2012 episode of Dr. Oz, raspberry ketones were introduced as the number one miracle in a bottle to burn fat.

The popular doctor asked Lisa Lynn, a well-known weight-loss expert, her opinion on the efficacy of including raspberry ketones in a diet plan. She said that while her clients had indeed lost weight with raspberry ketones, it was still advisable to continue to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly.

Dr. Oz concurred saying that that while raspberry ketones were worth trying, dieters should not rely on this ingredient exclusively as some kind of magical solution to lose weight. The doctor said that while raspberry ketones might indeed help dieters get over the hump, they should still follow the usual guidelines recommended for healthy weight loss like proper nutrition, sufficient exercise, and moderate health habits.

Raspberry Ketones Speed Up Metabolism

However, despite these cautionary statements, the guest on the show, Lisa Lynn, stunned the live audience with pictures taken of people before and after they had used a weight loss plan that included raspberry ketones. She herself remarked how amazing it was that they had lost so much weight despite the fact that many participants were elder and did not have the fast metabolism of younger people.

Both Dr. Oz and his guest made clear that raspberry ketones should not be considered a cure-all nor a substitute for healthy diets and proper exercise. While it may serve as an important ingredient in weight loss success stories, it was a product that needed more research done on it. In addition, people should be cautious about where they buy their weight loss supplements and should only buy those that had been reviewed and approved by the FDA.

As is typical of Dr. Oz, he included a dramatic demonstration to illustrate his point that raspberry ketones shrink fat cells and forced them to release their fat. Donning safety goggles and wearing gloves, he dipped a pair of inflated balloons into a container of liquid nitrogen. The balloons were symbolically used to represent fat cells. In the liquid nitrogen, they shrank into a wrinkled mass.

How It Works

Scientists believe that raspberry ketones regulate adiponectin, a hormone that moderates fat. This regulation makes the body act as if it had the metabolism of a thin person by increasing fast oxidation and allowing fats and sugars to pass through the body without getting absorbed.

Numerous experiments have been done to figure out how raspberry ketones work to help a person lose weight. In one experiment, for example, mice were fed fatty foods as well as raspberry ketones for a period of 10 weeks. The mice who were fed the raspberry ketones lost more weight than a control group who rarely ate high-fat foods. The mice who had raspberry ketones in their diets lost abdominal fat and liver fat.

In another experiment, in vitro fat cells that were fed with a solution of raspberry ketones showed a higher level of breakdown than in vitro fat cells that were not given the solution.

Will Raspberry Ketones Help You Lose Weight?

So will raspberry ketones help you lose weight? There seems to be a large amount of evidence to establish that raspberry ketones do indeed help a person lose weight. This evidence does not only rely on social proof, but it is heavily based on experiments done in laboratories. However, scientists, consider raspberry ketones as a useful supplement rather than a medical miracle for the problems associated with weight loss. They did not consider it an excuse to freely enjoy fatty foods and skip exercising. Like Dr. Oz and Lisa Lynn, most scientists and nutritionists who have looked at the properties of raspberry ketones recommend that this substance be used as part of an overall plan to promote a healthy metabolism.

What do you think about raspberry ketones for weight loss? Have you tried using them? What were the results?

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