The Egg Diet

Now that some famous celebrities have gone on the Egg Diet to lose weight fast, the diet has picked up in popularity. Adrien Brody star of The Pianist lost 30 pounds in six weeks. The actor claims he ate a few boiled eggs along with a little fish, chicken and steamed vegetables to lose weight quickly for his role in the movie.

The popular Egg Diet is really a low-carb diet, and much like the Atkins low-carbohydrate diet, these types of diets usually help dieters reduce their cravings and appetites and help them drop extra pounds quickly. Purportedly, dieters who go on the Egg Diet lose over 20 pounds in one week. Here are the basic principles of the Egg Diet.

Egg DietEgg Diet Plan

There are a few different versions of the Egg Diet circulating around the Internet, but here is one of the most popular menus.

Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs and 1/2 grapefruit

Lunch: Roasted, grilled or steam chicken or fish with a green salad

Dinner: Two-egg omelette cooked with spinach and tomato

Dieters are encouraged to drink a lot of water. Black coffee is allowed; however, it’s important to drink more water than coffee. No other foods, snacks or drinks should be consumed.

Egg Diet and Fast Weight Loss

The Egg Diet is a crash diet. Health experts state it’s very low in calories and probably is not the best approach for weight loss. Many dieters experience side effects such as nausea, extreme tiredness and constipation. Brody reported the diet even made him feel a bit cranky.

As with most fad diets, the Egg Diet will not help most dieters keep the weight off permanently. As soon as they return to their normal eating habits, the pounds usually return. They may even gain more pounds than they originally lost. Only about five percent of dieters who get lose weight fast keep those extra pounds off for the long term, according to a University of Colorado at Boulder Student Wellness article “Recognizing Fad Diets.”

The Egg Diet will probably get boring fairly quickly because the diet restricts other food groups and has so few daily calories. Some health experts also state it may be harmful to health and perpetuate yo-yo dieting.

Egg and Grapefruit Diet

There is another version of the Egg Diet called the Egg and Grapefruit Diet–not to be confused with the Grapefruit Diet Plan. Dieters simply add 1/2 grapefruit to each of the three meals of the Egg Diet plan; however, this weight loss method is also considered a fad diet and is not recommended for permanent, healthy weight loss.

Dieters who yearn for instant gratification will most likely suffer consequences that affect their appearance and health. Instead of opting for fast weight loss, it’s important to incorporate healthy permanent lifestyle changes to drop pounds safely, effectively and permanently.


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