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Food Lovers Diet: Check the BBB First

The Food Lovers Diet or Food Lovers Fat Loss System claims you can eat all your favorite foods, you will never have to eat any foods you don’t like and you can try the program risk free all for just six low payments plus shipping and handling.

Here are reasons why you should be skeptical about the Food Lovers Diet.

Numerous Complaints with the BBB

Check the Better Business Bureau for the company that supplies the Food Lovers Diet program. Provida Life Sciences, Inc.,¬†has had numerous complaints from customers about being overcharged and having difficulties getting a refund for “risk free” trials.

There are many companies on the Web and other forms of media that promote products with small initial payments and risk free trials. Consumers should always be cautious about these products. Many times when customers try to return the products, they have a difficult time finding contact information for refunds and a difficult time preventing their credit cards from being charged over and over again.

In addition, there are usually no refunds for shipping and handling costs, which can be expensive. At the bottom of the Food Lovers Diet website on the order page in small print they disclose that they will give you a refund “less shipping and handling” costs.

Food Lovers Diet is Misleading

You can eat foods that you enjoy, but only in tiny amounts. According to the LiveStrong article “Does the Food Lover’s Diet Work?” you can consume approximately 1,500 calories on days you don’t exercise and 1,600 calories on days you do exercise. The diet consists of primarily unprocessed foods like whole grains, vegetables, fruit, lean protein and healthy fats. If you follow this plan, you will likely lose weight; however, don’t expect that you’ll be able to eat satisfying amounts of “all your favorite foods” and still lose weight as the advertising implies.

The Food Lovers Diet lures you in with misleading promises. Then it gives you a typical weight loss program you can get free at websites like the United States Department of Agriculture. Check out MyPlate on the Department of Agriculture’s website.

Be Wary of Food Lovers Diet Review Websites

If you Google the diet, there are many websites that give positive reviews of Food Lovers Fat Loss System, but in most cases these websites are just trying to sell you the program so they can glean a part of the profit when you click on their affiliate link. Another way these websites earn affiliate earnings is by promoting websites that have the word “scam” in the title.

Before spending money on any diet program, be sure to research it thoroughly. Talk with your doctor about it first. Avoid products that make unrealistic promises. Be especially cautious about companies that lure you in for a product with a payment plan.

Victims of Consumer Fraud

If you’ve been having a difficult time getting a refund from Food Lovers Diet or any other company, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Filing a complaint with the BBB may help you get your money back, and filing a complaint with the FTC will help them detect patterns in bad business practices that can lead to investigations and¬†prosecutions.


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  1. scott says:

    Its shocking to see so many people going afer the latest diet fad when all they have to do is just eat healthy and create a calorie deficit
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    • Lovely says:

      Your comment is spoken like someone who has never struggled with weight and weight loss. Everyone knows HOW to lose weight, but it’s much easier said than done. Sometimes those who struggle meed something that works and makes sense for them and their lifestyle.

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