Fruit and Vegetable Diet: One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight Healthfully

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The best way to lose weight healthfully is pretty simple: eat less red meat, consume fewer sweets, refined grains and salt and drink fewer sweetened beverages. Eat more vegetables and fruit. If most of your diet consists of fruits and vegetables, you should have no problem losing weight and keeping it off. There are a few different ways to follow a fruit and vegetable diet.

Juicing for Weight Loss

Many people juice their fruits and vegetables. Besides losing weight, it’s an excellent way to get more nutrients and avoid chronic diseases. In the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Joe Cross travels across the United States, and all he consumes on his journey is freshly juiced vegetables and fruits. He has a juicer in the back of his car, and he offers fresh juice to random people he meets along the way. By the end of the film, Cross has lost a lot of weight and has started to recover from an autoimmune disease that caused him to break out in an irritating rash.

If you want to follow a fruit and vegetable diet by getting most of your diet from juice, all you need to do is get a juicer and start juicing. There are several excellent books that can help you get started.

Vegan Fruit and Vegetable Diet

If you’re not into juicing, another way to follow a fruit and vegetable diet is to go vegan. On average vegans are thinner than people who eat meat. You have to keep in mind that just following a plant-based diet alone will not help you lose weight unless you also avoid refined starches and sugar. At Best Way to Lose Weight, there are many articles about vegan weight loss.

Raw Fruit and Vegetable Diet

Most raw food eaters are vegans. Raw food eaters believe that food in its most natural state–uncooked and not processed–is not only the best way to be slim, it’s also the best way to get healthy. Raw food eaters eat mostly fruits, vegetables, sprouted seeds, legumes, nuts and seaweed.

Raw food enthusiasts usually have food dehydrators to make some foods in their diet a little crunchy. Even though dehydrators work with heat, the temperature rarely exceeds 118 degrees. There are some raw food eaters who are not vegans and they add raw eggs and cheese made from raw or unpasteurized milk into their diets. Most raw foodists also avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Fruit and Vegetable Diet

It you’re not willing to give up meat and dairy, it’s still possible to lose weight on a fruit and vegetable diet. All you need to do is┬ájust make sure most of your meals consist of fruits and vegetables. Instead of eating mostly protein and bread at meals, fill your plate with fruit and vegetables. Aim for seventy-five percent of your diet or your meals to consist of fresh produce. Eat more fish and only eat small portions of meat once or twice a week. Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar. Instead, eat whole grains. Following a fruit and vegetable diet is a natural way to lose weight.

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