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Most of the time losing weight feels frustrating and overwhelming. It’s easy to get into funks and think you’re never going to lose those extra pounds. This attitude is not productive for dropping extra pounds. The best way to lose weight is to make it convenient and fun. Here are five of the funnest ways to help you crawl out of the funk and change your attitude from glum to motivated.

Fun Ways to Lose Weight
My daughter and I Having Fun with Pilates

1. Get a weight loss buddy. I’m fortunate enough to have a daughter who is also my weight loss buddy. We hold each other accountable, and we work out together one to two days a week. We go shopping together for workout clothes. We also text each other our weight in the morning.

Having a weight loss buddy will help you stay accountable too. Research shows it’s one of the best ways to lose weight. It’s also fun to chat about the progress you’re making, and it helps you get inspiration from someone when you’re not doing as well as you would like.


Feng Shui Weight Loss
My Feng Shui Weight Loss Dinning Area

2. Feng Shui for weight loss. I use Feng Shui not only for weight loss but also for other things like healing and prosperity. Feng Shui is a lot of fun if you’re into creating an environment that promotes healthful and prosperous living. To incorporate Feng Shui for weight loss, I keep my house as free from clutter as possible. I’ve heard Feng Shui experts say extra clutter can symbolize extra pounds. I keep a bowl of colorful fruit in the kitchen or on the dinning room table, and I use blue plates for meals. The color blue helps curb appetite.

The best colors in the kitchen for Feng Shui weight loss are white, blue, and green. You can also hang pictures of nutritious food. Mirrors are another way to bring positive vibes into your life and help you with weight loss. If you think you would enjoy losing weight with Feng Shui, here are some more weight loss tips from Space Lift in the video below.


3. Make food fun; experiment with it. Most experts say that it’s important to eat four or five small meals a day instead of three larger ones. One way I make weight loss fun is by looking for a variety of weight friendly snacks. Because I follow a mostly vegan diet, I like to shop at places like Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. I make sure to always have fresh vegetables, fruit, raw nuts and hummus on hand. It’s fun shopping for different types of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The many different varieties of hummus and seasonal produce these days keep me from getting bored with my diet.

It’s more enjoyable to diet when you’re looking forward to eating instead of dreading your next meal because you think you need to eat specific foods or follow a certain diet to lose weight. One of the best ways to lose weight is to experiment and find a diet you enjoy and can live with permanently. I tried all kinds of crazy and fad diets until I finally discovered a vegan diet would work well for me.


Have Fun with Exercise
Cody is Always Happy to Go for a Walk

4. Make exercise fun. There are plenty of tips all over the Internet about finding exercise that’s fun. It really depends on the person. One way I make exercise fun is by listening to music. I also buy new songs from iTunes often, so I don’t get bored. My favorite way to exercise is walking and running with my dog. I also enjoy going to the track with my daughter. I go to the gym, and I like using my Bowflex TredClimber too, but I feel better and have more fun when I exercise outside in the sun.

To have fun exercising, consider having a number of ways to exercise. It gets boring doing the same old routine, and many health experts say it’s better to change your exercise routines around to get into the best shape. When you’re not motivated to exercise, just trick yourself into committing to five minutes. Once you get going, you’ll probably keep going for longer than a few minutes.

5. Indulge every once in while. I doubt I could stick to a strict no sugar, low-fat vegan diet every day of my life. Every now and then I’ll eat something sweet. Most times I don’t go overboard and eat more than one serving. Even if I do, I don’t beat myself up anymore about it. Trying to lose weight and constantly berating myself jus isn’t a fun way to lose weight.

If you want to enjoy yourself losing weight, it’s perfectly okay to enjoy yourself and eat your favorite foods once in a while. Just be sure to try to stick your diet a little more strictly the next day and maybe do a little more exercise. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just enjoy yourself and plan to do better the next day.

What are your best tips for having fun while losing weight?

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