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Body by Vi is a weight loss program that consists mainly of meal replacement shakes and vitamins, but the real power of the program is the motivation they give people to set and achieve their goals.

Does Body by Vi Work?

The meal replacement shakes and other products will help dieters lose weight as well as most diets. Most people who consume fewer calories than they burn each day will drop extra pounds; however, as with most meal replacement shake diets, it’s important to also work on making permanent eating habits that will help keep weight off.

Body by Vi products are similar to other comparative weight loss products. Get the complete list of Body by Vi ingredients here.

Visalis’s 90-Day Challenge inspires dieters to lose weight. Participants choose their own goals. They may want to lose weight, gain muscle or just improve their overall health.

Multi-Level Marketing Program

The company that runs the program, VisSalis, does not sell its products in stores. Instead it’s a multi-level marketing program, so the products need to be bought through someone who is promoting the ViSalis 90-day challenge. There are plenty of people posting blogs on the Internet who want you to “join their team” and buy the products from them.

All you need to do to find and purchase the products is do an Internet search for “Body by Vi,” “Body by Vi Reviews.” Here at Best Way to Lose Weight HQ there are no affiliate links to purchase the products. We are not affiliated with Body by Vi. 

Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge

Once a person joins the 90-Day Challenge, he or she has access to the products, support from ViSalis’s Web site and support from the person he or she bought the products from. In turn, the dieter becomes an affiliate and can earn all kinds money and prizes selling the products.

Is Body by Vi a Scam?

Body by Vi is a very appealing and motivating way to lose weight. Keep in mind, however, that it’s very difficult to earn a lot of money or residual income with multi-level marketing programs like these.

Another issue with Body by Vi is the Better Business Bureau reports the company ViSalis has had 23 closed complaints from consumers in the last 12 months.

Before starting any diet, be sure to check with a doctor first.

Be cautious when using a credit card to purchase products like these on the Internet, especially ones that automatically charge for products each month.