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New Weight Watchers PlanThe new Weight Watchers program is a lot like the old points system in that the foods still fit within calorie allotment guidelines which are then transferred into points, but there are some differences that may make the Weight Watchers new Points Plus program the best way to lose weight.

Difference Between old Weight Watchers Program and New Points Plus System

One of the main differences between the old Weight Watchers and the new Points Plus is dieters are encouraged to maximize their points by choosing more diet friendly foods such as whole grains, unlimited quantities of fresh fruit and non-starchy vegetables.  Vegetables like corn and potatoes consist of a few points and whole grains also have points.

To calculate points, dieters can use a pocket guide, an online database, a mobile app or purchase a small Points Plus calculator. You’re still allowed a minimum of 1,200 calories a day, and the way those calories are distributed between carbohydrates, protein, and fat fall within the Institute of Medicine’s acceptable ranges.

New Points Plus is a Big Improvement

In the past, the old points could be used for any kind of food, which at times made some health experts claim Weight Watchers was a fad diet, but now that the Points Plus program addresses where calories come from and encourages dieters to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, the program is getting the thumbs up from more health professionals.

The good news is you can eat healthier food most of the time, exercise and you will still will be able to work in some of your favorite treats on the new Points Plus program, says Keri Gans, MS, RD from the WebMD article “Weight Watchers Diet.”

Weight Watchers Support

Support from Weight Watchers is still available to help you reach your goal. Members are encouraged to attend weekly meetings and get support online where there are tools to help them track their food, find Weight Watchers recipes and track and assess weight and exercise habits.

You can get all the tools you need to follow the Weight Watchers plan online or you can find a Weight Watchers meeting near your home or office. If you want to do the diet online, you’ll find tools to help you stay on track, to manage your daily weight and to individually customize your weight loss goals.

If you want to go to meetings in person, you’ll be able to get the latest up-to-date information about weight loss, get confidential weigh-in information and personal guidance to help you stay on track. Sometimes dieters sign up for both in-person meetings and online services, but the new Weight Watchers Points Plus Plan is available either online or at in-person meetings.

New Weight Watchers Plan

Weight Watchers has been around for over forty years and at any given time has an estimated 1 million followers worldwide, according to The Tampa Bay Wellness article “Weight Watchers Offers Common Sense Advice for Weight Loss.” Another positive aspect of Weight Watchers is it has a maintenance plan, which promotes permanent lifestyle eating and exercise changes.

It’s also fairly easy to eat on the go with Weight Watchers. There are no prepackaged foods you have to consume, unless you want to buy some of the meals at the grocery store or meeting places.


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