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As you open your eyes in the morning and lift yourself out of bed, your body reminds you that it’s overweight. You look down and see the results of your eating behaviors which also remind you that today is another day you have to deal with the challenges and insecurities of being overweight–the fatigue, the reactions of people, the large clothes you have to wear.

As you get into the shower, you pass by mirror and try not to look, but mirrors are unkind. You can’t help but see out of the corner of your eye the large shadow that carries more mass than it should. Sometimes you wonder how you let yourself get here. Then you sigh and feel that cloud of depression swoop in and hoover over your head. You remember there are no quick fixes. But it’s not just about your health anymore, it’s just about wanting to feel good and comfortable in your own body.

Reasons for Losing Weight

Besides the obvious health reasons for dropping those extra pounds, there are many other things that make many people unhappy about their weight. Some are little reasons and some are big reasons. Not all of the reasons are the same for everyone. Nonetheless, many feel trapped in their bodies and are constantly reminded every day about being overweight.

Here are some reasons why you or others may feel it’s important to lose weight:

  • To improve self-esteem.
  • To have more energy.
  • To get more respect.
  • To be admired.
  • To shop for regular sized clothing.
  • To look nice in tight clothing.
  • To stop avoiding going places and doing things.
  • To stop hating food.
  • To stop the negative self-bashing.
  • For your mother to be proud of you.
  • To set a good example for your children.
  • To look and feel healthy.
  • To not loathe going to the doctor anymore.
  • To stop hating stairs.
  • To stop people from gossiping and laughing about your excess weight behind your back.
  • To stop feeling fearful about having a heart attack.
  • To not feel embarrassed about eating in public.
  • To stop sweating as much.
  • To wear a normal bathing suit.
  • To stop people from feeling pity for you.
  • To stop making people feel sympathetic.
  • To be able to tie shoes without a lot of effort.
  • To stop avoiding mirrors.
  • To stop hating small chairs.
  • To stop obsessing about rolls of stomach fat.
  • To stop breathing heavily from minor exertion.
  • To get a family member or close friend to stop reminding you about your weight.
  • To get rid of a double chin.
  • To get better insurance rates.
  • To find another job or get a promotion.
  • To fit on amusement park rides.
  • To stop the aches that accompany extra pounds.
  • To feel excited about life.
  • To fit comfortably in cars.
  • To do more things with your children.
  • To stop hiding behind people or things in photos.
  • To impress your ex.
  • To look younger.
  • To enjoy the future.

The health benefits of losing extra pounds are fairly well-known: decreased risks for diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Some research reveals there’s even more health benefits. According to Stephanie Breakstone in Prevention’s article “4 More Reasons to Lose Weight,” people who achieve a healthy weight reap even more rewards such as fewer headaches, improved oral health, longer and deeper sleep and lower odds for suffering from depression.


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