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Best Way to Lose Weight in a Week

If you want to slim down before the holidays or lose a few pounds before an upcoming event, follow these tips for the best way to lose weight in a week. Continue Reading »

Start Losing Weight

M. Scott Peck, M.D., author of The Road Less Traveled, begins his book by stating, “Life is difficult.” However, once we accept this truth, says Peck, “we transcend it.”

The same can be said about losing weight. Losing weight is difficult. There’s no doubt about it. You would not be here looking for answers if losing weight was not difficult. However, once you accept the fact that losing weight is difficult–really and truly understand and accept it–then you can transcend the problem because if you fully accept the problem, the difficulty shouldn’t matter anymore. Continue Reading »

Lose Weight Faster

Just about everyone wants to lose weight faster, and because health experts say it’s a good idea to make permanent lifestyle changes to drop pounds and keep them off permanently, here are some healthful tips to speed up weight loss a little more quickly. Continue Reading »

1000 Calorie Diet Plan

Almost everyone knows the best way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than he or she burns every day; however, restricting calories by too many can lead to adverse health conditions such as a slow metabolism, fatigue, malnutrition, yo-yo dieting syndrome and gallstones.

The 1,000 calorie diet plan is based on the premise that a person can lose weight fast in a short amount of time, but instant gratification does not necessarily mean the extra pounds lost quickly will remain off permanently. Those who drop pounds rapidly usually gain them back just as quickly.

In general, most health professionals recommend dieters eat at least 1,200 calories every day and lose no more than one to two pounds a week, yet many people still want to drop extra pounds fast.

1,000 Calorie Diet Menu

Most people follow the 1,000 calorie diet plan for 3 to 7 days. Here’s a typical daily menu. Continue Reading »

The Egg Diet

Now that some famous celebrities have gone on the Egg Diet to lose weight fast, the diet has picked up in popularity. Adrien Brody star of The Pianist lost 30 pounds in six weeks. The actor claims he ate a few boiled eggs along with a little fish, chicken and steamed vegetables to lose weight quickly for his role in the movie.

The popular Egg Diet is really a low-carb diet, and much like the Atkins low-carbohydrate diet, these types of diets usually help dieters reduce their cravings and appetites and help them drop extra pounds quickly. Purportedly, dieters who go on the Egg Diet lose over 20 pounds in one week. Here are the basic principles of the Egg Diet. Continue Reading »

The Grapefruit Diet Plan

The original Grapefruit Diet plan dates back to the 1930s when it was referred to as the “MayoClinic Diet” or the “Hollywood Diet.” Even though the diet was not associated with the Mayo Clinic, eventually, it became one of the most famous diets for fast weight loss.

Surprisingly, there’s no information about who engineered the diet or from where it originated. In the early 1900s, it circulated via typewriters, copy machines, faxes and eventually as technology moved forward, it made its way prolifically throughout the Interent. Although the diet has changed a little over the years, the basic premise still remains the same; people who follow the Grapefruit Diet plan will lose 10 pounds in 12 days.    Continue Reading »

How to Lose Weight in a Week

If you’re searching for a way to lose weight in a week, there are certainly a lot of ways to accomplish losing pounds quickly, but one thing to keep in mind is while you may get some immediate gratification in terms of dropping extra pounds rapidly from diets that work fast, health experts state chances are you will end up putting more weight back on.  If you’re in a hurry, however, to shed a few quick pounds in seven days, try these tips. Continue Reading »

What’s the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast?

Best Way to Lose Weight FastThe best way to lose weight fast typically relies on severe caloric deprivation–below 1,200 calories per day. The main problem with shedding pounds too quickly is it almost never lasts for at least 95 percent of fast dieters. That’s because nagging hunger and low energy wear people down really quickly. In addition, crash dieters may also suffer side effects that affect their health and appearance. Continue Reading »