Up-To-Date Strategies for The Best Way to Lose Weight

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Best Way to Lose Weight: Don’t Diet!

The best way to lose weight may likely be to avoid diets, according to a recent Harvard University study that revealed counting calories is not as effective for weight loss as once believed. Instead of following a diet, eat with good nutrition in mind, and you won’t need to be a slave to counting calories or carbohydrates. Continue Reading »

New Weight Watchers Program

New Weight Watchers PlanThe new Weight Watchers program is a lot like the old points system in that the foods still fit within calorie allotment guidelines which are then transferred into points, but there are some differences that may make the Weight Watchers new Points Plus program the best way to lose weight. Continue Reading »

Diets That Work Fast: Bad for Metabolism, Muscles and Health

Diets That Work FastMany misguided people desperately try to find the next miracle diet that will once and for all solve their weight loss problems.

Unfortunately, according to health experts, the simple truth is diets that work fast simply don’t work because they fail to help people keep weight off permanently. These diets can also be unhealthy, decrease muscle mass and may even be accelerating the current obesity epidemic in America. Continue Reading »

What’s the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast?

Best Way to Lose Weight FastThe best way to lose weight fast typically relies on severe caloric deprivation–below 1,200 calories per day. The main problem with shedding pounds too quickly is it almost never lasts for at least 95 percent of fast dieters. That’s because nagging hunger and low energy wear people down really quickly. In addition, crash dieters may also suffer side effects that affect their health and appearance. Continue Reading »

Top Five Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Not Losing WeightYou’re watching your diet and hitting the gym regularly for cardio and resistance training, but you’re not losing weight. You start wondering if it’s really worth all the effort.

Before you succumb to any sweet temptation that will assuage your fears about the scale berating you again, consider the following advice from health experts who give some of the main reasons the pounds won’t budge. Continue Reading »

Best Way to Lose Weight After 40

Best Way to Lose Weight After 40According to research, the best way to lose weight after 40 is as simple as changing diet and buffing up a few workouts during the week. So, even though many people believe they will succumb to an expanding waistline after 40, this is not as inevitable as they think.

You Can Get Fit After 40

Yes, it’s a fact that in general people tend to gain extra pounds as they get older until about age 55. Then weight starts to decrease statesĀ  Jan Bresnick, Gloria McVeigh and Linda Rao in Prevention‘s article “Fat to Firm at 40-Plus: How to Regain Control of Your Weight in the Middle Years.” Women especially fear that the hormonal changes through menopause will guarantee extra flab that will turn their hourglass figures into a bowl of relentless flab that will cling tightly to their waist. Men are not excluded from an expanding waistline. After 40, many typically begin to notice an expansion of the notorious potbelly. Continue Reading »

Is Counting Calories the Best Way to Lose Weight

Many health professionals and dieters believe that simply counting calories is the best way to lose weight fast; however, others who have lost and kept the extra pounds off for a long period of time report that while it’s important for the body to take in fewer calories than it’s burning, there is more to getting and staying slim than just restricting calories.

Counting calories is a good way to lose weight. Here’s how successful dieters are doing it. Continue Reading »