Perimenopause Weight Gain

Weight Loss Tips
Unfortunately, perimenopause is a time when many women gain extra pounds. Most women start going through perimenopause beginning at around age 45--though some may start at age 35 and some as late as 50. Shifting hormone levels are mostly to blame for perimenopause weight gain. Other perimenopause symptoms include night sweats, hot flashes, headaches and dry skin. Rising and falling estrogen levels make perimenopausal women susceptible to fluid retention because when estrogen levels rise, women can easily gain about five pounds of water weight. In addition, the stress of hormonal fluctuations usually cause a woman's body to secrete more cortisol, and higher cortisol levels stimulate the production of the fat-storing hormone insulin, which increases fat around the abdomen. Here are a few things health experts say women can do to…
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Fat Burning Foods

Weight Loss Methods
One of the reasons you're not losing weight may be you're not eating enough fat-burning foods. Many dieters believe they need to cut their fat intake to shed extra pounds; however, research shows you need to make friends with fat and add some good fat into your diet to punch down the numbers on your scale. (more…)
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