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Fruit and Vegetable Diet: One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight Healthfully

The best way to lose weight healthfully is pretty simple: eat less red meat, consume fewer sweets, refined grains and salt and drink fewer sweetened beverages. Eat more vegetables and fruit. If most of your diet consists of fruits and vegetables, you should have no problem losing weight and keeping it off. There are a few different ways to follow a fruit and vegetable diet. Continue Reading »

Not So Extreme Diet for Raw Food Weight Loss

By now it’s no secret that diet and lifestyle are major contributory factors to obesity and ill health in the United States and many other developed countries. Even our domestic pets are suffering more and more from weight gain and chronic degenerative diseases induced by feeding them a refined Western diet.

Lately, scientific experts are presenting more research that supports a raw food diet or whole-food plant-based diet to improve health and lose weight. “A raw food diet has been used successfully to banish allergies, arthritis, cardio-vascular problems, cancer, depression, type II diabetes and a panoply of other degenerative diseases. Problems associated with menstruation and menopause disappear. Excess weight also vanishes as if by magic,” according to Suz Evasdaughter in the Positive Health article “Raw Food, Longevity and Weight Loss.”

You don’t need to eat everything raw to reap health benefits. If you decide to follow a vegan raw food diet, you’ll only need to eat 50 percent of your diet raw to enjoy many of the health benefits including weight loss. Continue Reading »