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Start Losing Weight

M. Scott Peck, M.D., author of The Road Less Traveled, begins his book by stating, “Life is difficult.” However, once we accept this truth, says Peck, “we transcend it.”

The same can be said about losing weight. Losing weight is difficult. There’s no doubt about it. You would not be here looking for answers if losing weight was not difficult. However, once you accept the fact that losing weight is difficult–really and truly understand and accept it–then you can transcend the problem because if you fully accept the problem, the difficulty shouldn’t matter anymore. Continue Reading »

Hypothyroidism Diet

Although hypothyroidism diets exist practically everywhere, health experts say no evidence really exists that proves eating or avoiding specific foods helps improve thyroid function (MayoClinic). If you have checked with your doctor, had a blood test to check your TSH levels and have been diagnosed with an hypothyroidism also known as an underactive thyroid, the only way to improve your condition is through medication prescribed by your doctor.

However, there are many people who take thyroid medication and still have difficulty losing extra pounds. Some also wonder about the types of food they should avoid if they have hypothyroidism. Here’s what health experts say about diet and an underactive thyroid. Continue Reading »

Thyroid Weight Gain

Thyroid weight gain is a problem for millions of people. According to Richard Shames, M.D. and Karilee Shames, Ph.D in the Share Guide article “Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled?” experts concur that one in ten Americans suffer from some form of endocrine gland condition.

Perhaps the worse part about an underactive thyroid is most people who suffer from this condition remain undiagnosed as it slowly erodes the quality and joy from their life. If you’re suffering from the following symptoms, an underactive thyroid may be to blame: Continue Reading »

Top Five Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Not Losing WeightYou’re watching your diet and hitting the gym regularly for cardio and resistance training, but you’re not losing weight. You start wondering if it’s really worth all the effort.

Before you succumb to any sweet temptation that will assuage your fears about the scale berating you again, consider the following advice from health experts who give some of the main reasons the pounds won’t budge. Continue Reading »