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How to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight

Weight loss is certainly a hot topic, especially on the Internet. Everyone has an opinion about it. What diet should you follow? How often should you exercise? What supplements will help you lose weight?


Let’s be honest — Your head is likely spinning out of control with all the information out there. Quite frankly, I don’t want to add to your misery. I have one solid piece of advice that will help you head into the right direction. Well, there’s actually three, but and they’re all equally important. Continue Reading »

My Weight Loss Story

My Weight LossSince I started this weight loss blog over six months ago, I’ve almost reached my goal weight of 137 pounds, so I feel it’s time for me to be a little more transparent and share my weight loss story.

My goal weight changes sometimes, but it usually hoovers between 132 and 137. I’m 5′ 7″ tall, and for a significant portion of my life I’ve had issues with my weight, especially after having each of my three children. The last time I weighed myself (yesterday), I weighed 139. I haven’t seen anything in the 130s on my scale since my early twenties. Now, I’m going to share with you what has worked for me. I hope what I’ve learned can work for you too. Continue Reading »

Start Losing Weight

M. Scott Peck, M.D., author of The Road Less Traveled, begins his book by stating, “Life is difficult.” However, once we accept this truth, says Peck, “we transcend it.”

The same can be said about losing weight. Losing weight is difficult. There’s no doubt about it. You would not be here looking for answers if losing weight was not difficult. However, once you accept the fact that losing weight is difficult–really and truly understand and accept it–then you can transcend the problem because if you fully accept the problem, the difficulty shouldn’t matter anymore. Continue Reading »

Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Most health experts say that if you want to lose weight, it’s necessary to do three things: change your behavior, change your diet and increase your activity level. Before you can do these things, however, it’s necessary to find the motivation to make these changes.

Here are some weight loss motivation tips that work: Continue Reading »

What Is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Best Way to Lose WeightIf you were to ask several health experts what is the best way to lose weight, many would most likely say that most diets are futile for losing weight and keeping it off because 95% of dieters will gain back the weight they lost. Many of those same health experts would also likely argue that adopting a healthier lifestyle is the number one way to lose pounds and inches and keep them off.

A few of the first things you’re probably thinking is, “Okay, but how do I change my lifestyle? Where do I start?” Don’t let the idea of changing your lifestyle scare you. There are plenty of ways to help guide you through the process of changing unhealthy eating and exercise habits. One of the most important things that will lead to successful lifestyle changes is replacing potentially harmful habits with ones that promote good health. Continue Reading »