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The single best way to lose weight is to start walking. According to the National Weight Control Registry, most people who lose weight and keep it the off permanently choose walking as their main type of exercise.

The best part is all you need to do is limit your sedentary time each day to 23 and 1/2 hours.

Here’s why, according to health experts, walking is the best way to lose weight.

Best Way to Lose WeightYou’ll find walking is convenient. You can walk almost anywhere at any time. It’s a low-impact aerobic exercise. It’s easy on your joints. You don’t need any special equipment, just a comfortable pair of walking shoes. If you live in a climate where weather may prevent you from walking regularly, consider mall walking. Mall walking has been increasing in popularity. One of the best perks about mall walking is meeting others.

You’ll improve cognitive performance and lower your risk for Alzheimer’s disease. According to Dr. Gary Small in the UCLA Today article “Keep Walking to Stay Mentally Sharp,” ┬áHarvard researchers concluded from a study of more than 18,000 older women that walking only 90 minutes a week or 15 minutes a day is all you need to delay cognitive decline and lower your risk for Alzheimer’s.

Walking is the best way to lose weight. According to WebMD, walking combined with healthy eating habits, according to consistant research, is the best way to control your weight. Besides weight control, walking also helps reduce conditions like heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain and osteoporosis.

  • Here are some of the best walking tips:
  • Take quick, short steps. Long strides are hard on the knees and joints.
  • Land on your heel and roll forward towards your toes.
  • Relax shoulders and move your arms. Bend elbows about 90 degrees.
  • Listen to music and walk to the beat.
  • If possible, walk at a track. You’ll be able to track how far and how fast you’re walking.
  • Find a walking buddy. You’ll be more motivated to walk
  • Do walking workouts in the morning. It’s better than waiting until the end of the day when you’re more likely to be emotionally drained and tired from a hard day.
  • Always be sure to check with doctor before starting any type of exercise.


23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

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